Stop Trying to Sound Smart in English - Words That Work by Frank Luntz

Words that Work in English

Perhaps you want to reach out to the 2 billion English learners from across the world. Well it helps if you use the right English words.

Or perhaps you’d like to make friends with people who play the same game as you or enjoy
the same music like you do. Use the same words they do.

In today’s episode , I will be teaching you how to communicate better by means of using
simple words to express yourself more freely and get involved with a larger, more global audience.

The Main Points
  • Often times when talking to someone else, we often use big words to sound smart where we
    might end up confusing the other person.
  • Instead of using big and strange words, we should communicate using simple words to
    get our message across.
  • Use clear and well-organized short sentences; be as brief as possible.
  • With English as your second language, you may opt to use a technique called ‘reverse translation’
    where it will help you simplify and shorten sentences in English.
  • If you want somebody to really understand you, let them generate some of their own ideas
    from their own mind.
  • And lastly, know your audience. Know who you are talking to, know their hopes, beliefs,
    and misconceptions. Engage conversation with them in an open mind.
The Vocab & Expressions
  • Realm: the area or the domain where something happens; a field of study.
  • Ought: simply meaning should, used to indicate something that is probable.
  • Wordy: using a lot of words when talking to someone
  • Rhetorical: asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information
  • Tap into: to use or connect into available resources, to take advantage of something
  • Take into account: to include someone’s decision or judgement when making a decision

The Joke

What’s Donald Trump’s favorite nation? Discrimination.

*Donald Trump is a racist

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