There are hundreds of great websites for English training, but these sites here are the ones I always come back to with my students.

In my opinion, the best sites are the ones that offer a fully interactive environment, with transcripts and downloadable audio, exercises and sometimes even social networks within the site.

Each student has there own style of learning, so you should experiment with many different sites and see which ones attract you the most.

The first rule is to have fun, so if you don’t enjoy one site find another! Don’t waste you time on stuff you don’t like doing.

My theory with language learning is that if you don’t like something, find something else!

Don’t waste your time on stuff you don’t enjoy doing.

If you find the right system for you, practice with material that you find interesting and inspiring and choose a level that’s not too easy nor too difficult, then improving will happen much faster and more easily.


The list…

For each website I will show you how to train each of the four language areas, listening/speaking/reading/writing.




Why – It’s the most consistent audio content I’ve found and it’s perfect for learning real, everyday English. The narrator explains things very clearly and the speech isn’t too fast, so you can comprehend everything that is said.

How – Choose 1-3 lessons per week and listen to each several times. The more times, the better. Repetition, repetition, repetition. There are also “learning guides” you can buy if you’d like to read the transcript for each lesson. If you are also taking classes or have discovered how beneficial online-language exchanges can be, use the vocabulary from the lessons when you practice conversation. Or, send me a message about my Online English Coaching program and I’ll show you how you can practice speaking with me every day without classes. For writing practice, compose sentences about your life using the vocabulary from each audio lesson or transcript,  then show what you wrote to your teacher or language partner and go over any mistakes together. If you don’t have a teacher, you can find out about my program for writing improvement here




Why – This site is excellent for all language levels. From beginner to advanced, it makes learning interesting by focusing on news and history, with activities for deeper learning. It’s also very dynamic, offering activities in all four areas of language learning, and is extremely useful as it’s 100% free.

How – Just go to the site and play around, you’ll find hundreds of activities and lots of interesting content.





Why – This website has hundreds of videos on all different topics, all highly informative. What you can learn about life on this website is astounding and shouldn’t be used just for language practice. The beauty of this site is how user-friendly it is. Most videos have English subtitles. Search the videos and find ones that look interesting to you, or start from here:  the top 20 most watched TED talks. 

How – Watch videos that seem interesting to you. First, watch without subtitles if you can understand the majority of the dialogue, then add English subtitles to see the words you missed. This takes care of listening and reading. The videos also have transcripts that you can use for reading practice and you can download the audio to listen to the video until you understand it completely.  For writing practice, take a stab at writing a comment about the video. There are usually hundreds of users who post comments and after reading a couple you can get courageous and write your own. Or, check out my Virtual Training if you’d like more speaking and writing practice.





Why – If you like grammar, this is a great resource. The lessons here are filmed in a classroom by professional teachers covering a wide variety of topics. It’s like attending an English class for free. There’s no need to pay a language school when you have websites like this!

How – Search for areas of grammar you need help with and watch the related videos as much as you need. You can also search by teacher if you like a certain style. By watching these videos, you’ll be improving your listening and comprehension. There are videos for beginners too, and because they use a white board it is easy to understand the lessons. For reading and writing practice, there are exercises that go along with the videos.




Why – This site is great for Brazilians because the teacher is Brazilian, too. He explains everything in Portuguese as well as in English. Fernando, the teacher, covers many important areas of grammar and expressions, and anyone can use this site.

How – On his website you can buy “credits”, which are good for buying the exercises that accompany the videos. Also, after doing a certain number of exercises you get discounts on future credits, encouraging you to continue practicing. Listening and reading are improved with the help of the videos and your writing can be improved by completing the exercises.






Why – This is the only site I know that has English “drills”, interactive audio lessons for improving grammar. Drills are ways of training by repetition and on this site you repeat short phrases, focusing on certain grammar rules.

How – As I mentioned, this site is great for grammar and also for speaking. It is one of the few sites I know that focuses on speaking and is totally free. You can practice listening from the audio lessons, reading by downloading the transcripts and writing by using the worksheets. Go to the podcast list and find a grammar lesson you are interested in. The first 10 lessons have free transcripts and worksheets, but after that you have to pay a small fee. If used correctly, this site can improve your speaking a lot.






Why – Many students want to improve pronunciation and this is the place to do it. Rachel makes videos explaining how to say specific words, focusing on sounds and phonetics. She explains things very well and has some fun videos, too. She also offers an online pronunciation course, but it’s a little expensive so it’s not for everyone riting � ci��� p� are exercises that go along with the videos.


How – Just watch the videos and follow along with what Rachel tells you to do. There are videos on basic sounds which you should start with, then move on to pronunciation videos. After learning the phonetic alphabet, it will be easier to use this site. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to start with the “Sounds” section. This site obviously focuses on speaking, but you’ll also be improving your listening skills while watching the videos.



Why – This is a great site for practicing conversation with other language learners. It uses an interesting “language exchange” method where you are randomly connected with people around the world who want to practice languages. It works off a language sharing philosophy, so you are not just the student but also the teacher.

How – In your profile, put the languages you know as well as the language you want to practice, and the system will find someone to match you with. When the other person appears on the screen, you will have 5-minute speaking and listening sessions in each language and you will act as both student and teacher. Cool, right? There are also group classes that you can join for free with professional teachers where it’s possible to buy credits that allow you to reserve a spot in a class before it starts, guaranteeing your chance to participate. There are group classes on all different topics and you can find plenty for writing and reading practice. Check it out!






As far as cell phone apps go, this is absolutely the best! Especially useful for beginners, but valuable for any level, the experience and learning possibilities with duoLingo are immense. Firstly it’s fun, using games and other interactive exercises for improvement. On top of that, the way they keep you active with the app is perfect. You need to pass “levels”, all of which force all areas of language, even speaking! They have the app in your native language, I’m sure, so there’s no need for me to talk more about it. See for yourself!  

 If you know of any other good websites, please share them in the comment section below. I would love to hear about them!


Happy practicing,