Step 1 – Watch the video without subs

  1. Before you watch, what do you think the video is about?
  2. How could this video possibly benefit you?

Step 2 – Check the vocabulary

  1. disproportionate – too large or too small in comparison with something else.
  2. get to the chase – To reach the most important points quickly.
  3. miraculously – in a remarkable and extremely lucky manner.
  4. charismatic – Personal magnetism or charm. 
  5. lack of patience – not having patience (lack = To be in need of something)
  6. hooked up with chickshad sexual relations with girls in a casual way (chicks = girls)  

Step 3 – Watch the video again, with subs

  1. Watch it again, but this time with subtitles
  2. Catch the vocabulary words you just learned in context and see how they enhance Gary’s message


Step 4 – Think about these questions. Ponder them a bit. 

  1. What’s the disproportionate reason most people fail at things?
  2. I want you to get right to the chase, and tell me what this video is about?
  3. Have you ever thought you’d miraculously become a fluent English speaker in just a few months?
  4. What are the characteristics of a charismatic person?
  5. So here we go, the big word here, patience. Do you currently have a lack of patience with English? If so, how could this be affecting you negatively? And if not, what gives you patience?

I want to know about your experience with patience and English learning. Whatever you want to say, write it here! 🐻