Practical Ways to Make BIG Things Happen

The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J Schwartz
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Start by Thinking Big

How and what you think is CRITICAL – it’s the foundation everything else is built upon.

Imagine if someday you want to be a “pretty good” English speaker. Well, “pretty good” isn’t inspiring at all, and if that’s all you want to be, what’s the point?

In the book, the “Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, we learn some practical ways we can start implementing a “think big” lifestyle. And there’s a lot more to it than just thinking.

Setting big goals is just the first step, but it’s an extremely important one. Instead of wanting to do something just enough, or looking to achieve results that just OK, aim big!

Set your goals high…then exceed them!


The Main Points
  • Work on creative thinking skills. They are much more valuable than just being good at “memorizing facts”
  • Navigating your way through life, and English, is the way to success! Become good at using what you already have
  • Fear is the biggest obstacle to reaching your goals. It keeps us from moving forward
  • Confidence is the antidote to fear. Work on building confidence in specific areas by acting confident!
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This Episode’s Vocabulary

to sharpen – make or become sharp; improve or cause to improve

to keep up with – move or progress at the same rate as someone or something else

hurdle – an obstacle or difficulty; an upright frame, typically one of a series, that athletes in a race must jump over

to fall behind – fail to keep up with one’s competitors or work

antidote – a cure

to groom – give a neat and tidy appearance to; look after the coat of (a horse, dog, or other animal) by brushing and cleaning it


The Joke

“I bought a one of those CDs that helps you learn ERnglish while you’re sleeping. But during the night the CD skipped, so now I can only stutter in English”

*The CD skipped at night which caused him to stutter. Stuttering is when you speak with re-pppp-ee-tition.

Download the full audio book, for free!

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