How to Think in English – Q&A Episodes


Should You Think in English?

Yoy might have heard that thinking in English is the fastest way to become fluent.

But how does one think in English? And what does that even mean?

It is true, to be a fluent speaker you can’t spend time thinking in your own language during conversations. This will cause you to speak with hesitation, pauses, and delays.

But you can not just decide to start thinking in English. It is something you need to train.

Learn how to start thinking in English, and why it is important, in this episode.

The Main Points
  • You have to train the ability to think in English
  • You will naturally think in your native language until you get comfortable with specific English vocabulary
  • Find specific topics and go deep with them. Practice speaking about those topics, read about them, and listen to a lot of content on them
  • When you are fluent in EACH area, you will not have a delay between what you want to say and when you say it
  • Don’t think about grammar too much. This will prevent you from speaking fluently. Make small corrections over time.
  • it’s all about…..HARD WORK
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The Joke

“What do you get when you cross a giraffe with a dog?” – A giraffe that barks at airplanes.

Dogs usually bark at cars, but now that is mixed with a giraffe, it is much taller and barks (makes the dog sound) at airplanes in the sky