The #1 Quality that Brings Success - Ted Tuesdays

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What is the Most Important Quality that Brings English Success?

The answer to this can be seen with how children interact with marshmallows. If that sounds confusing, listen to this episode of the Feel Good English podcast to learn more. You can use this quality to bring success in you English too, of course.

We can train our ability to delay gratification, just like we can train our muscles in the gym. And you can do it in the same way as the child and the researcher: by promising something small and then delivering.

Over and over again until your brain says, 1) yes, it’s worth it to wait and 2) yes, I have the capability to do this. Learn more in this episode.

The Main Points
  • Delaying satisfaction until the “hard work” is done is what can lead to a successful life.
  • Discipline plays a factor to our success more than anything else.
  • Marshmallows can be hard to resist, just like the temptations of being lazy and looking for quick rewards.
The Joke

“What did the baby corn say to its mom?  Where’s my popcorn?”

pop=dad, so playing with the word popcorn like you eat at a movie!

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