Success Is a Continuous Journey - Ted Tuesdays

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Looking for English success? Well, maybe you’ve seen the famous TedTalk “The 8 Secrets of Success” by Richard St. John. It’s a great, and the 8 secrets work!

But… think you’re done after you’ve reached success? You’re not! A common problem when people realize big successes is they stop doing what got them there in the first place.

In this episode, Richard St. John shares his story of how he gave up on doing exactly the things he taught in his first Ted Talk, the 8 Secrets of Success.

Learn why reaching English success is a continuous journey.

The Vocab & Expressions

a hot-shot is somebody who thinks they are powerful, successful.

To pour in means to come quickly

floating along means not worrying or caring about anything, usually in a neglectful way

I could care less, I couldn’t care less (same thing) means you really care zero about something, you don’t have any opinion about it



The Joke

So a reporter asks a bank president,

“Sir, what is the secret for success?” And the bank president said “Two words,”, and the reporter, “Sir, what are they?”.

Right decisions,”

And the reporter, “And how do you make right decisions?”

One word” said the bank president

And, sir… What is that?”

One word- Experience.”

And, sir… How do you get experience?” said the reporter

Two words,”

And sir, what are they?”

Bank president: “Wrong decisions

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