Are you Worrying about English?

Do you consider yourself as someone who worries a lot?

Perhaps you feel stressed and frustrated about that English test for tomorrow.

Or perhaps you find yourself constantly dwelling on the things you’ve done in the past.

In today’s episode, I will be talking about the book called How to Stop Worrying and
Start Living by Dale Carnegie, where he talks about how we can live our lives to the fullest if we don’t always worry.

The Main Points
  • Despite the technological advantages we have made, our brains weren’t built to handle these delayed returns.
  • Get the facts straight about your problem (or problems). If it’s something you don’t have control with (i.e: weather, the opinion of other people); just simply throw it away.
  • If it’s something we do have control of, get the facts straight and start shifting your worries from confusion by breaking down your problems into daily tasks.
  • By measuring our tasks (problems), it can become less confusing and our brains will be able to to deal with it better.
  • If you are feeling stressed, anxious, worried, sad, depressed, or down, change your actions and act happy.  Simply change your body language, change your facial expression, and act happy
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The Vocab & Expressions
  • Going over, to go over: phrasal verb, to talk about or to review something. To persevere
  • Delayed: something that is not immediate, late
  • Societal changes: changes in society
  • Shift: to change
  • Outcome: result
The Joke

“Today is the tomorrow that we worried about yesterday” -Unknown 


Download the entire audio book, for free!

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