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#50 Jack Askew on Discovering your path TO FLUENCY 

#49 A 30 Day English Goal – Ted Tuesdays

#48 Stop Trying to Sound Smart – Words That Work by Frank Luntz

#47 Q&A Episode – How should I use your podcast transcripts?

#46 How to Stop Feeling Like a Loser – The Psychology of Winning by David Waitley

#45 The World’s English Mania – Ted Tuesday’s 

#44 The Secret to Higher Quality Work – Deep Work by Cal Newport 

#43 The #1 Quality that Brings Success – Ted Tuesdays 

#42 To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink 

#41 When is the best time during the day to listen to English lessons?

#40 Don’t Let other Choose You, Choose Yourself!

#39 Success is a Continous Journey

#38 Think You’re Smart? Not So Much – You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney

#37 The Power In Believing that You Can

#36 How to Easily Create Permanent English Habits 

#35 The Key to Learning English: Speak English with Vanessa

#34 Focus on the RIGHT English goals with the 80/20 rule

#33 How to Start a Movement 

#32 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do 

#31 An Interview with Fluency MC – English through Rhythm and Rhyme

#30 Learned Optimism: Change your Mind and Your Life by Martin Seligman

#29 The Key to Learning any Skill – An interview with Adir Ferreira

#27 3 Words that Motivate, engage and Influence

#26 A Story about Stories – Ted Tuesday

#25 Learning How to Learn – My Story 

#24 How to Take a Company from Good to Great

#23 Have a Meeting? Take a Walk

#21 How to Always Make the Right Decision_021

#20 Waking Up with Purpose! With Gabby Wallace from Go Natural English

#19 Gabby Wallace – Connecting the World Through English

#17 The ONE Thing to Focus on for English_017

#16 How to Succeed in English? Sleep more_Ted Talk Tuesdays

#13 How to Live an Awesome Life-Ted Talk Tuesdays

#10 The 8 Secrets of Success-Ted Talk Tuesdays

#1-7 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Series

#000 What is the Feel Good English Podcast? 

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