An Episode for Shy People - "Quiet" By Susan Cain

Episode #83
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Are you Shy, or Just an Introvert?

Even though Western culture idealizes the outgoing, confident, and very social personality, not everyone can be that person. And in the book, “Quiet” by Susan Cain, we learn that people that aren’t extremely social, or as we call them here, introverts, can bring a lot of value to group settings.

There have been many famous “introverts” too, which you can read more about in the book.

In today’s episode, learn more about:

If you’re an introvert

What the difference between being shy and an introvert is

How to “act” like an extrovert when society calls for it.

So don’t be shy, and listen to this episode of the Feel Good English podcast.

The Main Points
  • Being shy is painful, whereas introverts just need adequate time alone
  • Introverts will lose energy from social interactions, extroverts are energized by them
  • Being an introvert has genetic factors to it. Some children are born with hypersensitivity, which creates introversion later in life
  • Western culture idealizes extroversion, but Eastern cultures idealize the opposite
  • There are ways in which you can act like an extrovert when need be. Long strides when walking, relaxed posture are just a couple examples
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This Episode’s Vocabulary

self-awareness – knowing your deepest traits, who you truly are

to be drained – to lose energy; be exhausted

infants – a child of 1-3 years

cotton swab – small cotton pieces on the end of a stick, used primarily to clean your ears

small talk – unimportant talk, usually used in order to be polite; not deep conversation



Read This Book

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