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Podcasts are fantastic! I think that podcasts are probably the coolest thing online right now because you can be entertained and learn new things anytime you want, from anywhere.

I have been listening to podcasts for not only language learning, but also for business knowledge and to be entertained while running or at the gym.

But if you are learning English, which type of podcast is the best for English listening practice? Can they really help you improve?

Yes, definitely. But which ones are best?

In this week’s Q&A episode, I answer a question I received from Will, who is not just a Feel Good English podcast listener but is someone who has contacted me in the past about English.

Will is an English learner from Brazil and wants to know if it is more effective to listen to short, 1-2 minute podcasts, or if longer ones, like 10 or more minutes, are better for English training.



Will’s email…

What kind of podcast do you think is better for listening, short ones between 1 and 2 minutes (like newsinlevels, newsinlevels.com) or podcasts with 10 or more minutes?

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