Having Sex with Someone Else

"Sex at Dawn" by Christopher Ryan, Cacilda Jethá"
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Having Sex with Someone Else

I’m going to talk about some fascinating concepts from a book and we’re going to go more into the evolution of human sexual behavior in an attempt to understand why we deal with sex the way that we do.

Some questions that will be answered are things like are we naturally monogamous? Monogamy, monogamous, is an important word in this episode. Monogamous means having one partner only. The book answers the question, are monogamous relationships natural, the way they should be, or are they impossible to keep based on our instincts?

Also going to talk about how casual sex was crucial to our ancestors’ survival, casual sex meaning not committed relationships.

And lastly, I will also talk about how agriculture ruined our health and happiness.

The Main Points
  • Thousands of years ago, our sexual behavior was much different.
  • Monogamy (having one partner) is a relatively new concept, which started during the agricultural revolution
  • Our human instincts can make it difficult to survive in a “monogamous” culture
  • Open communication and an open mind are key to having thriving relationships.
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