How to Easily Sell Things and Influence People - To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink

How to Easily Sell Things and Influence People

Would like you like to be able to sell things more easily? Or maybe you don’t sell, but you have to influence people at work or school?

In this episode of the Feel Good English podcast, I have a business lesson for you.

Whether you’re a salesperson or not, you’re bound to do some selling in
any aspect of your life.

“To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink will help you sell like a pro with the ABC technique in mind.

The Main Points

ABCs of Selling

A- attunement, the ability to seek things from other people’s perspective.
To act accordingly, see where they are coming from. Connecting on a deep level.

B- buoyancy, in this context, the ability to overcome rejection before, during,
and after it happens, like during a sales experience.

C- clarity, to convince someone to buy your service or product, identify the problem they’re trying to solve then explain how you can help.

  • Learn how to connect with people and how to connect with people better
The Vocab & Expressions

End up: a result of doing something that you didn’t intend to do

Fiddle with: phrasal verb, to play with

Buoyant: (literal meaning, the ability to float, to be on water) the ability
to stay optimistic, staying positive.

Shut yourself off: phrasal verb, to be free from distractions, interferences, etc
Underlying: a latent or suppressed feeling

Start over: to begin again

The Joke

How can you tell when a salesperson is lying?
His lips are moving.

* A salesperson is usually stereotyped to be a talkative person who
doesn’t deliver the results of his promises.


About Daniel Pink:

More on the ABCs:  VIDEO 

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