How to Make Better Decisions

Making decisions is part of daily life. What should I have for breakfast? What career path should I take? What English program is going to help me become fluent faster?

Sometimes we struggle with making the “right” decision, especially when there are big life choices to be considered. Fortunately, making the right decisions is a skill that can be developed.

As discussed in the book “Decisive”, by Dan and Chip Heath, various factors contribute to making bad decisions. Through deep research, the authors have found factors that contribute to making poor choices,  but if we recognize these factors and learn how to avoid them when making decisions we can feel more confident about the decisions we make.

Learn how to be a better decision maker on this episode of the Feel Good English podcast.

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The Main Points

– Most don’t make good decisions due to factors that can be changed.

– You should never limit your options to only two. Be creative and think of as many alternatives as possible.

– Emotions can cause us to make the wrong decision. Learn to disconnect from them before making a decision.

– Use the “best friend” technique and make decisions based on what you’d tell your best friend to do.


To be dealt with (passive voice tense) – to deal with something

To get in the way of – to obstruct; block; keep from progressing

Gal – slang way to say a girl/woman in a friendly way

Take (something) the wrong – to misunderstand the someone’s intentions

Wussy – wimp + pussy + wussy ( a weak boy/guy)

The Joke Explained

“I went to the zoo the other day, and there was only one dog there. It was a Shitzu.”

I think you can figure that one out. 😉

*what was one of the hardest decisions you’ve ever had to make? Let me know in the comment section below