How to Speak Precisely with the Reverse Translation Technique

Not speaking with clarity and precision is one of the biggest obstacles to speaking with complete confidence. As you reach intermediate to advanced levels. you will find yourself searching for the right word to express yourself clearly and quickly.

Why the RT Technique is Useful

If you continue to expand your vocabulary, learning specific words that will “fit” the situation, as well as improve your ability to use them grammatically correct, you will get to the point where you can speak without thinking.

The Reverse Translation Technique is one that I have used with students to help them reach the next level of English. It is a technique that has been used by expert language learners and translators to achieve more effective speaking and writing in the target language.

How the RT Works

Traditionally, a student or translator would take the target language and translate it into their own language. With the RT technique, the student first creates a sentence in their own language with the new English content, and then creates a good translation in English based on their original sentence.


This helps in a few ways:

  • It allows the student to create sentences more naturally, more closely replicating the way in which they would speak in their native language
  • The student learns the new content more deeply after spending more time with it, creating sentences and putting it into context
  • Students get more accustomed to the way English sentences are formed through practicing proper structure


Getting Corrections from Native-like speakers

Of course, the student needs to get feedback and corrections from someone who speaks with native-like fluency. And through online tools, some free, some paid, the student can have someone correct their mistakes and make sure they are using English correctly.


In this course, I will teach you how to create a Reverse Translation Technique routine, and how and where to get free online support.

We are going to use the power of online tools to make things as easy and convenient as possible. Learn how to set up your exercises using Google Docs, a very useful document creator.

There are two reasons should be constantly reading and listening to English content. One of them is to acquire new vocabulary. In this step, I will show you exactly what to pinpoint. 

Is translating new words and expressions a good technique? Some people would say no. I say f*@# yeah it is! Learn how to get precise translations using online tools. 

This is where the power of the Reverse Translation technique really happens. Taking the new words that you know whould fully understand, and putting them into a sentence brings them to life. This is how permanent memroization happens. 

Someone who knows English better than you do needs to check and make sure you are creating "correct" English. You don't have to pay to get native speakers to do this for you. Learn how in this lesson.