How do I improve my English pronunciation?

How Do I improve my English pronunciation and accent?

Olga works with English and finds ways to improve grammar and vocabulary. But she says her “accent is killing” her. :/ How can English learners QUICKLY improve their accent and English pronunciation .

I have a very easy, fast and effective method for improving a foreign accent, and in this week’s Feel Good English Q&A Saturday I will share it with you.

Olga’s email…

Even though I’m living in an English speaking country, working in the office and even at home, I am not satisfied with my English at all.   
I have tons of books, websites and ideas on what to do in order to improve it. 
I kind of figure out for myself how work to work with grammar and expand my vocabulary. Writing is a work-in-progress, you can tell 🙂 
But my accent just killing me. I tried to record my voice while I was speaking on the phone at work. It was really bad!

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