How to Give a Powerful Presentation in English - "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs" by Carmine Gallo

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How to Give a Powerful English Presentation

Whether he was introducing the latest iPad or delivering a keynote presentation, Steve Jobs electrified audiences with his incomparable style and presentation skills. He didn’t just pass information in his presentations; he told a story and shared a vision. He gave his audience a powerful experience that was unique, inspiring, and unforgettable.

Now you can do it too, even as an English learner, by learning the specific techniques that made Jobs such an effective presenter. Using Jobs’s legendary presentations as a blueprint, communication skills coach Carmine Gallo has written a book full of presentation secrets to help you plan, deliver, and refine the best presentation of your life. You’ll learn how to:

• Create an inspiring brand story
• Answer the one question that matters most
• Deliver unforgettable moments
• Build visually engaging slides
• Master stage presence
• Make it look effortless
• Rehearse effectively
• Have fun

The Main Points
  • create a story line and a key message that the audience will remember
  • avoid unexpected problems by having a backup plan for technical issues as well as a “bucket” of generic responses to unexpected questions
  • focus on how you will solve their problem
  • keep it simple. Use plain and simple words, and use as few words as possible
  • make sure people can focus on you, as the speaker, and not the slides or other written material
  • how you look and speak can be more important than what you say. Energy and confidence are key!
  • Preparation = success
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The Vocab & Expressions
  • intriguing – arousing one’s curiosity or interest; fascinating.
  • caught off guard by – to surprise someone, esp. in a way that makes the person feel confused or uncertain
  • jargon – special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand
  • bulky – taking up much space, typically inconveniently
  • cramming / to cram – to completely fill, stuff, to the point of overflowing
  • step it up a notch – increase effort, try harder
  • go overboard – excessively, more than enough

The Joke

“What did the shy pebble say?” “I wish I was a little boulder!”   🙁

A pebble is a very small little rock, like you’d find on a beach. Whereas a boulder is a big rock, one that you could even climb on top of.

So the little rock (pebble) would like to be more powerful like the big rock (boulder)

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