How to Live A Calm Life

"The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle
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It’s All About the Now

Today’s book I am going to talk about is kind of a special one for me. Why? Because it’s one of the first books that I can remember that really got me thinking a lot more about how to deal with the everyday stresses and struggles of life.

I first read this book in college, I was probably around twenty years old, and it was very impactful. And when I first read it, it brought completely new ideas to me, I tried them out, I experimented with these ideas a little bit. So what is the book I am talking about? Well, the book is called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. And in general, this book is all about accepting the present moment.

How often during your day are you regretting things that have happened in the past? Thinking about the decisions you shouldn’t have made, or things you shouldn’t have said. And also how much of your day do you spend thinking about the future, worrying about the future? What’s going to happen, what’s going to happen in your life that you might not want to happen?

And lastly, do you find yourself always thinking, “In the future when this happens, or once I am able to do this, everything will be better. If I get this job, if I pass this test, if I become fluent in English, if all of these things happen, then my life will be great”.

Well, this all causes stress, and in The Power of Now, there are some very very useful tools for dealing with these thoughts that can cause you to be anxious

The Main Points
  • We all go through pain. We all experience bad times. This creates the “pain body”, which is how our body physically reacts to these tough times.
  • We create automatic reactions to events that happen to us.
  • If we stop trying to think everything over, assuming this will relieve our pain, and instead, bring our attention to the body, we can become more present and eliminate some stress.
  • Stop regretting the past, and stop trying to control the future. The only time we have control over is right now. The NOW!
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