How to Create a Business Based on YOU "Will it Fly" by Pat Flynn

Episode #86
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Pat Flynn on Creating a Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own online business? Wouldn’t it be nice to make some extra money on the side by doing something you love?

In the book, “Will it Fly” by Pat Flynn, you’ll learn practical step-by-step tactics that can help you combine your talents with your passion to creating a valid business idea.

Learn about two of the beginning steps in this episode of the FGE podcast.


The Main Points
  • It’s very important to think of your values and lifestyle when creating your own business.
  • There is a process that connects your value and lifestyle. Use it to come up with a valid business idea
  • Start broad, thinking of all the ideas that come to mind. Then get narrower and narrower with your focus, until you have one sentence.


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This Episode’s Vocabulary

to be in line with – to match; be congruent with something

well-being – health, how you feel overall

essence – the intrinsic nature of something, especially when it is complex

to come to mind –  to think without pre-planning