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Episode Library

“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

It's All About the Now Today’s book I am going to talk about is kind of a special one for me. Why? Because it’s one of the first books that I can remember that really got me thinking a lot more about how to deal with the everyday stresses and struggles of life. I...

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I gave up on going to the gym. Here’s why…

For years I have had an on-and-off again relationship with the gym. Believe me, I know the importance of staying fit. Having a healthy body makes just about all other aspects of life easier. But after maintaining a long gym routine, sometimes even for a year or more,...

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Kevin Answers Listener Questions 🙂

English Questions, Life Questions In this episode, I answer some podcast listener questions that I have received over the last few months from listeners around the world. Find out my opinions on building vocabulary, understanding t.v. series and movies in English, and...

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Level Up with Brian Kwong from the Add 1 Challenge

Level Up with Brian Kwong Brian Kwong runs the website add1challenge.com A community of language learners who support each other to reach new levels of the language they're learning, like English. In this interview, we talk about how Brian came up with the...

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An Episode for Shy People – “Quiet” By Susan Cain

Are you Shy, or Just an Introvert? Even though Western culture idealizes the outgoing, confident, and very social personality, not everyone can be that person. And in the book, "Quiet" by Susan Cain, we learn that people that aren't extremely social, or as we call...

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An English Lesson on the book Essentialism

How to Clean Out Your Life with "Essentialism" Essentialism is the practice of focusing only on the most necessary aspects. In today's world, it can be very difficult to know what to focus on, and even more so, how to stay focused without getting...

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Biggest Lessons of 2016 – Productivity

How to Increase Productivity The biggest lessons of 2016. Want to be more productive at work, school or with English learning? Learn 3 excellent strategies to get more done in less time The Vocab & Expressions to put off = to procrastinate to get over = to...

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Biggest Lessons of 2016 – Motivation

Staying Motivated with English Learning, and Life Here are four of the most important lessons on motivation from 2016. These lessons have resonated with me the most, and I think they can do the same with you. Finish the year by reviewing what you've learned, not only...

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4 Simple Steps to Stay Motivated – Q&A Session

STITCHER / TUNE IN How to Stay Motivated with English Learning Even if we have a clear plan and know which direction we want to go, staying motivated can be difficult. And this is the key to achieving success! So how do we stay motivated? In this episode, I answer a...

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An Interview with Lindsay Dow – Living through Languages

STITCHER / TUNE IN / SOUNDCLOUD  Lindsay Dow Knows Language Learning Today I have a great interview with Lindsay Dow from Lindsaydoeslangauges.com Lindsay is one of those language learning pros (professionals), and I brought her on the podcast to help you become a pro...

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Get motivated ! Pep Talk by Kid President – Ted Tuesdays

STITCHER / TUNE IN / LIBSYN Need a Pep Talk for Your English Learning? What's a pep talk? A motivating speech! Like the pep talk before a big game. So motivates you? Yourself? Your parents or children? What about a 10-year-old boy? Kid President commands you to wake...

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