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The One Thing to Focus on for English

If you’re like me, it can seem like you have way too many things that you either want to do or “have” to do. And with your English learning, you might not be sure about what area to focus on, what vocab to learn, what skill to develop, etc…

I find myself constantly feeling like I am behind on the things I am trying to accomplish. It’s just one thing after the other. Should I do this or that? What will bring me the biggest result? Which direction should I follow? Am I wasting my time on this?

It can be frustrating!

The book The One Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, goes deep into the topic of finding the most important thing to focus on in all aspects of life. It could be a specific project you’re working on, a new skill, or a life dream.

Through looking at all situations from a macro and micro level, meaning what’s the best next-step now right now and for the long term, and asking yourself something called the “focus question”, the book offers great insight into how to achieve more success in life and business.

This book really is a must-read!


The Main Points

-Failing to think big can limit your possibilities

-Asking yourself the “focus question” will help you to prioritize, create actionable tasks and achieve your goals

-To be able to focus on your ONE THING, you have to use effective time management strategies, and expect some chaos in other areas

The Vocab & Expressions

Realtor/ real estate = selling property and land

To figure out = to decide/ to solve

Brewery = a place that makes beer

Crispy Firm but easily broken or crumbled; crisp.

Overwhelmed = out of control because of stress/ too many things to do

Sidetracked = to get distracted, go off course

Get in the way = to prevent something from happening


The Joke

Two fish are in a tank. One fish says to the other fish, “How do you drive this thing?”

tank = a contraption filled with water

tank = a a vehicle used in the military covered in armor

*it would be very difficult for a fish to drive a military tank, although they do live in water tanks 😉

Read the book!

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