Your Problems ARE the Solution - "The Obstacle is the Way" by Ryan Holiday

Part 1- Perception
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We all have obstacles in our life.

If you’re an entrepreneur, artist, or student, this book is about seeing problems in “a new light”. Stop making excuses and learn how to take the obstacles we all face and use them to achieve our goals.

It’s all about perception, action, and will, and in the first part of this 3-part series I am going to share with you everything the book teaches on how to see obstacles in a more productive, beneficial way.

The Main Points
  • see events straightforwardly, as neither good or bad.
  • focus only on what you can control.
  • getting emotional or upset never provides you with more options to solve your problem.
  • look at your problems from the outside. What would you tell a friend?
  • focus on the present.
  • remind yourself that “I’m not going to die from this.”
The Vocab & Expressions


  • avoid at all costs – do everything in your power to keep something from happening
  • to piss someone off – to make someone really angry
  • start from scratch – to start from the beginning, from zero
  • flip something on its head – to turn something upside down, or change it completely

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