Use NLP to Reprogram Your Life – “The Ultimate Introduction to NLP” by Richard Bandler


What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming deals with how our minds and bodies are connected, how our emotions work, how we see the world, everybody sees the world differently, and our experiences and the way we communicate with other people is completely based on our own map of how we have learned about the world.

If you find yourself living in and thinking about the past too much, or maybe you procrastinate and you never seem to be able to get ahead of the projects that you want to get done, you are always doing them at the last minute, if you feel sad a lot, you are depressed a lot, maybe you start new habits, but then you soon give up, you soon quit

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The Vocab & Expressions

deal with – to handle, take care of a situation or problem

rocked it / killed it (expression) – did really well with something

squeeze – to apply pressure to something from two sides

subtly – to do something with minor force or to cause little attention. Almost not observable

mumbo jumbo (expression) – language intended to confuse someone or is difficult to understand;

The Joke

What’s the difference between a used car salesman and a software salesman?

The used car sales man knows when he is lying.

*software developers often have no idea how their product will work, but they have to sell it anyway