Ted Tuesdays - How to Start a Movement by Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers on How to Start a Movement

In this episode of the Feel Good English Podcast, we have another Ted Tuesday lesson and I chose this really cool,
fun, short video called “How to Start a Movement” by Derek Sivers.

Derek Sivers is a very successful tech entrepreneur and writer, and a very interesting guy in general.

The short TedTalk goes through a Youtube video that went viral about a dude who got up out of the crowd and started dancing on his own.

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The Main Points
  • Leaders are often “over-glorified”
  • It’s the first “follower” who usually starts the movement, which then makes it more acceptable for other followers to join in as well
  • Don’t think you always have to be “first.” Having the courage to follow someone who is doing something unique can leave a big impact
The Vocab & Expressions
  • To have guts: is to have courage
  • To stand out: to call attention to one’s self, different,
    to stand out from the crowd.
  • Role: a part one plays in a group
  • Nut: an informal term for a crazy person
  • Emulate: to copy or imitate someone’s likeness
  • Tipping point: when an action or something happens that has an
    impact on the future output or behavior of things or events.
  • In crowd: the popular crowd, clique
The Joke

What did the peanut say to the elephant?
Nothing. Peanuts can’t talk.


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