A Memorization Technique that Works! – “Memory Palace” by Lewis Smile


A Memorization Technique that Works!

Do you have a system for memorizing new English vocabulary? Are you a master of memorization?

I’m not. 🙁

But there is a system that has been around for thousands of years, helping people memorize information with much less effort. This system is based off evolution, which means it is the natural way our brains retain information.

In the book, “Memory Palace”, Lewis explains how this system works, and even goes through the works of Shakespear to show the reader exactly how to master this loci memory system.

In this episode, I will explain this very effective method, and show you how you can apply it to English learning.


The Main Points
  • The system of loci memory, or “memory palace” has been around since ancient times
  • Our brains are better at creating memories based on locations, or spaces, due to survival methods when we needed to run from danger and travel long distances on foot
  • Create a memory palace in a place you are very familiar with, like your home. Connect new information to specific locations and large items within that “palace”
  • Turn not tangible items into tangible; ex. a number would have to become a thing (1 = a baseball bat)
  • The order in which you memorize things is important. Make these mnemonic memories sequential
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The Vocab & Expressions

freakishly – describing something, someone, or an action that is very atypical, not normal

buff – being in good physical shape with fine muscle tone.

roughly – approximately

break (something) down – to analyze something, go into detail

tangible – something you can touch

dresser– where you keep your clothes

obnoxious– really annoying, bothersome



The Joke

Q: “What do you call a monkey that sells potato chips?”

A: A chipmunk.

*that joke is obnoxiously simple. 😉

Read the entire book

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