Memorize English Vocabulary Forever

Do you have problems memorizing new vocabulary or information? I know I do.

And what about not forgetting them after you learn them? Well, that can be difficult too.

I personally have struggled with learning new information, especially when you have to memorize long lists and foreign vocabulary.

And that is exactly what one listener wanted to know.

In this episode I am going to talk about a fun method that I have used to memorize information. It definitely isn’t boring, difficult or traditional, and it works! 

And you will even hear me do a little singing and rapping, in the worst way. 🙂


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The Main Points

Learning new vocabulary and retaining it should be broken into two parts:

1) Learning new words effectively without trying to force it, stressfully, into your brain. Spaced Repetition is the key

2) Reviewing it (or using it in conversations) periodically to keep it in your brain

Repetition and using the language in REAL situations is key to memorizing things permanently

Hearing yourself saying new words and phrases, especially if you sing them or rap them, is very effective.

I should have been a gangster rapper.