Kevin Answers Listener Questions ­čÖé

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English Questions, Life Questions

In this episode, I answer some podcast listener questions that I have received over the last few months from listeners around the world.

Find out my opinions on building vocabulary, understanding┬át.v. series and movies in English, and what to do when you have to live with your… mother-in-law!?!

Yes, learn how to deal with mother-in-laws in this episode of the Feel Good English podcast.

The Main Points
  • How to you maintain your speaking speed when learning more and more vocabulary?
  • How do you take your English from good, to great?
  • How do I deal with living with my mother-in-law, who I hate?
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This Episode’s Vocabulary

To try out – to experiment with something

to come to mind – thoughts that come to you at the moment, without pre-meditation

pace– speed

overwhelming – too much information or emotion, not able to handle something

aim for – to target, have an objective

subtle – not intense or obvious; delicate