Kevin Answers Listener Questions 🙂

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English Questions, Life Questions

In this episode, I answer some podcast listener questions that I have received over the last few months from listeners around the world.

Find out my opinions on building vocabulary, understanding t.v. series and movies in English, and what to do when you have to live with your… mother-in-law!?!

Yes, learn how to deal with mother-in-laws in this episode of the Feel Good English podcast.

The Main Points
  • How to you maintain your speaking speed when learning more and more vocabulary?
  • How do you take your English from good, to great?
  • How do I deal with living with my mother-in-law, who I hate?

This Episode’s Vocabulary

To try out – to experiment with something

to come to mind – thoughts that come to you at the moment, without pre-meditation

pace– speed

overwhelming – too much information or emotion, not able to handle something

aim for – to target, have an objective

subtle – not intense or obvious; delicate