How do you learn phrasal verbs?

If you have been learning English for a long time, you have heard of phrasal verbs. And you most likely have had problems with them too.

But there is something I have seen many English learners do that makes phrasal verbs much more difficult than they need to be. And there is a simple “fix” for this.

In this week’s episode, I answer a question I got from a couple listeners on “How to learn phrasal verbs.”

I know this is a common problem with many if you, and I have an opinion on how to make them less stressful

Listen to this episode and make your life better.


The Main Points
  • For various reasons, phrasal verbs are difficult to use correctly
  • Many English learners try to use them TOO MUCH< which is not only making it more difficult than it should, be also sounds “forced”, like they are trying to hard to sound “native.”
  • Comprehension comes first. Learn the multiple meanings and uses by reading and listening to a lot of English.
  • Start integrating phrasal verbs into your own speaking ONLY after you really understand the usage. Learn them slowly, one at a time.