Language Hacks that Work

"Fluent Forever" by Gabriel Wyner
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Language Hacks that Work

If you are listening to this, it’s very likely you have learned a foreign language which is English; good for you, great job by the way.

And maybe you have tried or you are considering learning another foreign language. This book has some very valuable language learning hacks on how to do that. And don’t forget, and I talk about this a lot, I believe everyone learns a foreign language differently and at least they have their own preference on how to learn, you have to make the process fun and interesting.

So even though this book has great tips, it’s not like it has the answer for everybody. We have to experiment, try out different things, see what works for us, see what we enjoy doing and keep applying those methods.

However, there are universal methods of learning a foreign language, methods that I believe most people can benefit from. And through research and experimentation, we can learn these methods and apply them and see quicker results in our language learning journey, our language learning process. And the book Fluent Forever has great English learning hacks.

The Main Points

  • We should find our own unique path to learning, but there are universal language learning techniques that will help most people learn faster
  • Recalling information is better than reviewing 
  • Content should be just one level above your current level in a foreign language. This makes the content more “comprehensible” and easier to retain new words and expressions.
  • To easily remember names, visualize someone you already know with the same name of the person you are meeting. Visualizing familiar images helps you memorize new info
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