Justin from Real Life English

In this episode, I interview Justin from Real Life English. Justin and his team have one of the coolest resources online for English learning. At Real Life, they strive to connect people around the world through English, and they have created wonderful tools that help people interact with other English learners.

Justin and I are going to talk about a book that has really helped the both of us dream BIGGER, and given us insights on how to get past fears that could possibly be preventing us from becoming our best selves.

The book is called The Big Leap, by Gay Hendriks, and is truly an AWESOME book. I have also read this book and it has opened my eyes to things about myself that needed to be seen. So listen to this episode and learn more about Justin, and how this book has helped him and myself, and can also help YOU reach your FULL potential.

Justin’s site – www.reallifeglobal.com

The Main Points

  1. Fear is just excitement in a different form. Use fear to continue moving forward toward your dreams.
  2. Zone of Genius: This is the zone where you liberate your true genius. This is where you find your ultimate path of living, leading to a successful and satisfied life.

Four Genius Questions

  1. What do I most love to do?
  2. What work do I do that doesn’t seem like work?
  3. In my work, what produces the highest ratio of abundance and satisfaction to the amount of time spent?
  4. What is my unique ability?
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The Vocabulary

Stumble upon – to find something without looking for it

State of flow – so connected with your actions that time disappears, flies by

Comfortable bubble – inside/stuck in your comfort zone

Wrap up – to finalize, conclude something/an event

To strive – put a lot of effort into achieving something

To tend – to frequently do something/ by default

“Practice what you preach” – to actually DO what you tell others to do / not being a hipocrite


Read the book!

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Justin’s site – www.reallifeglobal.com