Jack Askew on Discovering Your Path To Fluency

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Who is Jack Askew?

Jack Askew is the creator of To Fluency, and a certified English language teacher and language lover. He has helped many English learners reach a high level of English, or in his words, get “To Fluency.”

He’s originally from the UK, but now lives in the mountains of North Carolina in the US.

Discover Your Path to Fluency

He then started teaching English lessons one-to-one online before finding his passion: language acquisition and English language coaching. He realized how powerful English language learning coaching can be. He researched this topic, applied the methods to his own language learning, worked with learners from all around the world, and saw some incredible results.

All his experience and knowledge is at To Fluency


The Vocab & Expressions

to boom – to explode, grow rapidly  the city is booming

fall into – happen by chance, without original intention

concrete – a hard surface made of rock, a solid program or system/idea

to get caught up – stuck in an idea, not able to leave a situation ex. I got caught up in a meeting

to come up with – create something

to come across – find something without looking for it