The Irrational Things Humans Do

Today I have some ideas from a very interesting book called “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely. And the main point in this book, the overall message is that much of our behavior is misguided, irrational. Through research and study, the author has found that a lot of this “dumb” behavior is also predictable, which means there are very human, and natural reasons we behave this way.  

We humans are deeply irrational in many of the daily decisions we make. From deciding what to buy, to not committing to what’s most important out of fear of losing opportunities, our choices and behavior are guided by irrationality. But that’s OK.
Through vigilance and awareness, we can try to avoid making bad decisions, and just by noticing these behaviors we can start to be more in control of them. Be less influenced by things we don’t notice.

I’m going to share two ideas I found very useful in this book. Listen below!

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