Start Loving the Job You Hate "So Good they Can't Ignore You" by Cal Newport

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Start Loving the Job You Hate

Instead of changing jobs every six months, why don’t you learn a way to start loving the job you currently have?

There is a common philosophy out there that we have to follow our passion and find the perfect job based on what we love to do in life.

Well finding a job based on your passion is often not even possible. But there is a way to enjoy the job you have a lot more, and in the book, “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport, you will learn:

  • Why following your passion is a bad idea
  • Why more people today are dissatisfied with their jobs than in the past
  • What you should do instead of looking for the “perfect” job
  • What skills you should develop in today’s competitive job market.

Apply it to Your English Fluency

In this episode, I will show you how you can take the lessons from the book and not only enjoy your job more, but see faster progress in your English speaking skills too.

Listen up!

The Main Points
  • passion vs. hobby. What is it you’re dealing with?
  • People are mistakingly thinking their job should be perfect. Don’t fall into that trap.
  • You have to get really good at what you currently do. This increases job satisfaction.
  • You have to earn a great job through a mindset of “how can I bring value?”
  • You need to have control over your work for true satisfaction, but this is earned through hard work.
  • Develop rare and valuable skills.
  • Strategic and deliberate study is how we become experts in our field


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The Vocab & Expressions
  • got to talking with somebody (beginning) – to start doing something
  • misguiding 2:34 – getting bad information, going down the wrong path
  • put aside 3:13 – to get out of your way so something doesn’t distract you
  • kush job 7:20 – comfortable job, kush can also be used for furniture
  • awkward 10:20 – uncomfortable
  • you’ll kill it – do very well
  • show them who’s boss (expression) – show them who is in charge
The Joke

“A boss is like a diaper: they are always on your ass, and full of crap.”

*on your ass = always asking you to do things and bothering you

*crap = shit