Learning How to Learn English: My Story

Often times when we’re learning English or any foreign language, we struggle
and give up immediately, making us unable to fully grasp and understand
the language.

While some of us prefer to sit in a classroom and worry about finding the right answer,
others go beyond the walls of academia and seek out the answers by taking in
the country’s culture and way of life, whether it’s in the streets or over some beers at
a club at 4AM.


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The Main Points
  • In learning English or any foreign language, you need to decide which path you can take, whether it’s learning in school, reading books, or listening to podcasts.
  •  In learning ANY language, you need to dive deep into that language, which allows you to appreciate not only their language but also their culture, people, and way of life.
  •  Improve your life by using the target language. Read books and listen to podcasts that deal with inspiring subjects in that language.
  •  Have faith in yourself when learning a new language, don’t give up immediately.
  •  Put time in learning a new language, have patience and practice, you’ll be a fluent speaker for sure!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, reach out to fellow students and learners alike, especially when you are having a difficult time with a certain subject.

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