How to Take a Company from Good to Great

What makes a company great?

Many companies are good, only a few companies are GREAT.

In this episode I am going to talk about a book called “From Good to Great”, by Jim Collins. In the book, the author studied companies that were able to outperform all the others, in order to figure out WHY and HOW these companies had so much success. He breaks down a few certain principles all these great companies followed that led them to become leaders in their market.

YOU can take these concepts and apply them to YOUR business or career, and even your life and English learning. Listen and learn how to make something great!

The Main Points
  • Most companies never become “great companies”
  • With the right approach to business, companies can follow the paths of the great companies.
  • The “hedgehog concept” simplifies 3 main principles behind business. If you stick to that, you will have more success
  • A level 5 leader is humble, and knows how to work with their employees on an equal level
  • You have to talk about the big problems that are happening, and not hide them from employees.
  • Don’t let ego get in the way of leadership


The Vocab & Expressions

outperform – to do better than someone or something else; they outperformed all the other companies.

to stick to – stay on the same plan: connect to something, like gum

overly – too much, an exaggerated amount

humility – to not think you are more important than other people based on status, power.

plumber – a service person who works with water systems in a building/house

to be on the same page – everyone has the same information going into a situation

to blame – to accuse someone else for doing something, put responsibility on another person or circumstance

The Joke

So my boss texted me, and he said, “Hey, send me one of your funny jokes!”

And I said, ” I am working right now, but I will send you one later”

And the boss said, “haha, that was fantastic! Now send me another one.”


*The boss thought that when I said “I am working”, it was a joke. That’s some office humor. :/

Read the book!

Some other great, short videos from Jim Collins:

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