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A simple learning plan that works

The path to becoming a confident speaker does not have to be complicated. It just requires following a plan that works and staying consistent with it until you get the results you want.

The most important part of that plan is to find content that inspires you. You should feel a strong motivation to continue using the lessons. This will make it much easier to practice as much as you need to.

The motivation you get from the content will be the fuel you need to become a fully confident speaker. Here you will be learning skills that will give you the advantage in life and business. That’s motivating!


These days there are literally thousands of online resources for English learners.

All those Youtube channels, blogs, Facebook Groups, paid courses. There are so many!

The majority of those online English resources you find, however, are ineffective.

Why are they ineffective?

Because they are based on content that doesn’t interest or motivate you. And quite frankly, many of the online English lessons are pretty damn boring!

And you, a smarter learner, need to be challenged. Intrigued. You need to find English lessons that inspire you and help you stay motivated.

But here’s some good news… If you approach English the right way, it’s really not that hard to become fluent. I know this because I have successfully helped hundreds of English learners become more confident speakers.

So what’s the right way?

The key to your success is to find English lessons that inspire you and your life’s mission. You need to stay far away from boring English content so you don’t lose that all-so-important motivation you need to keep moving forward.

This is exactly why I make my lessons as uplifting and inspiring as I can. The Feel Good English Podcast will make it easier for you to continue on your path to success. Success in not only English but life too.

If you use my podcast lessons correctly, your English will grow naturally!


And you, a smarter learner, need to be challenged. Intrigued. You need to find English lessons that inspire and motivate you.

My name’s Kevin Conwell. I’m American and currently live in Denver, Colorado after living 8 years in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

My background is in psychology and applied linguistics, and I’m also an amateur electronic music producer.

So it kind of makes sense that I make a podcast about English learning and human behavior, mixed with my own music productions, right?

Maybe you’re here because of my podcast? The Feel Good English Podcast is listened to by thousands of English learners, just like you, from all over the world.

I created the podcast because the internet was missing a free resource that inspires English learners. Smart and insightful learners like you.

Feel Good English helps you become a confident English speaker by teaching lessons based on interesting topics that can transform your life, just like they have transformed mine.

And this transformation energizes you!

I promise you that you too will become a confident speaker when you feel energized by your English lessons.

If you do not feel inspired and motivated by what you’re using to learn from, you will stop trying.

You might be motivated for a few weeks or even a couple months, but if you are not enjoying the lessons, you will eventually stop. It happens all the time.

You can find everything you need to become fluent in English on your laptop and phone, and knowing that is the foundation for success. But it’s so easy to spend your time and money on the wrong stuff.

It’s time for you to focus on the right content and use it the right way.

I want you to actually feel that you’re becoming a more confident speaker, and feel good, really good, about your English.

It’s time for you to focus on the right content and use it the right way.

So let me ask you… would you like to become a more confident, effective speaker? Do you want to be able to speak without hesitating in business conversations and when talking with native English speakers?

Well, I can say with confidence that you are closer to fluency than you think!

Most students that come to me can speak much better than assume. It’s often more about teaching them how to practice the right way, with the right content, and most importantly, changing their relationship with English.

I created a program to make English easier for you.

I want to transform the way you think about your English speaking skills, and I want to help you build confidence.

Confidence in English, and in life.

Feel Good Premium Lessons

Feel Good Premium Lessons can help you naturally gain confidence with English speaking.

Following a simple system, you will be able to learn important vocabulary, use phrasal verbs and expressions like a native speaker, and also feel comfortable around other English speakers because you will be able to easily navigate through any conversation without hesitation.

I know how hard it can be to see progress, but if you use my lessons, follow the plan I set for you, and enjoy the life-lessons that I teach, you will quickly feel like you are becoming much more effective with English.

The main lessons in the program are based on my podcast. The podcast is filled with great tips on life, with just a little English explanation too.

I spend many hours creating each podcast episode. I make them full of valuable life-lessons, but I also carefully choose words that I think will make the episodes easy enough for English learners to understand, but challenging as well.

I challenge you just enough to bring progress!

Premium Lessons take you from the first step, listening to the podcast, and provide all the next steps you need to see powerful changes in your speaking skills.

Premium lessons take you from the first step, listening to the podcast, and provide the other steps you need to see powerful changes in your speaking skills.

In the Premium Lessons, you will find all the advanced vocabulary, phrasal verbs, expressions and slang used by modern English speakers, and also just enough advanced grammar lessons to help you make small adjustments that can bring big results.

As you hear in my podcast, I don’t heavily focus on grammar. The best way to fix grammar errors is to give short, precise lessons on one grammar rule at a time. Then you will make the right adjustments with grammar because you won’t “overthink” it.

DO NOT over think grammar! It will cause you to hesitate when speaking!

Instead, just find time in your day to listen to and read my lessons while relaxing, feeling good, and learning the smart way! You’ll naturally build your vocabulary, fix grammar mistakes, and build your speaking confidence.

It’s almost magic!

What’s included in the Gold Package


Podcast Transcripts

Get the full transcripts to the podcast episodes. These are vital for a fluency plan. Seeing the words is a necessary step in aquiring new language. Premium Members get access to all Feel Good episodes.

Advanced Vocabulary

In the Premium lessons I select the vocabulary that I think you might need to learn. You’ll find clear definitons and examples to help you understand the meanings.

"Think_About_It" Questions

To fully integrate new English into your own speaking “database” you need to connect the words and meanings to your own life. In the “think about it” section you will do just that.

MOBI/ePUB Formats

Do you use an ebook reader? I provide simplified formats for Kindle, Nook, iPads and other ebook readers so you can easily include my lessons into your routine.


How do I use these lessons?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all! When you sign up, there is a video that shows you how to use this website and access all the lessons. If you use the lessons correctly, progress WILL happen. 

Will this program help me improve my speaking?

Of course! That’s your main objective, right? If you want to speak better, 80% of your English training should be based on Input, which includes listening and reading. I will also show you how to use these lessons to improve your speaking skills.

What’s the biggest benefit of this program?

There are two main benefits. 1) Becoming a more confident speaker. 2) Learning life-skills that can help you become a badass at life too! 

What level should I be to use your lessons?

If you can understand 80-100% of this page, these lessons are perfect for you. 

Can I cancel anytime?

This is a one-time payment, no need to cancel. 

I’m a teacher. Can I use your lessons in my classroom?

Please do. That would make me happy. 🙂

Here is what some of our
Feel Good learners have to say…

From Kevin’s courses, I have learned that studying English can be cool and also how to study English using podcasts, TEDtalks and so forth. I have become more confident now, I speak without fear. 

Jose R.

Project Manager

After learning with Kevin, I realized that the learning route could be something relaxing and fun, so, nowadays, I have been studying on a daily basis without feeling a hard pressure to learn. This process is now occurring in a natural way.

Vanessa A.


I discovered with Feel Good English that to really be able to learn, it is necessary to go deeper in the subjects and keep it around every time you can, every free time is important to use, and more importantly, enjoy studying it.

Thiago P.

Computer Programmer

You are one of the best teachers that I had my entire life! Thank you for that Kevin!

Walter H.

Computer Programmer

I’m really excited to see you reach the next level. The next level in English, and life!  

Feel Good English is here to help you become a better version of yourself.


Because when we continue to become better versions of ourselves, we will be able to add more value to other people’s lives. And that’s my goal; become a greater value to others. Are you trying to grow as a person too? 

Let’s continue to grow, together.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for being you.

Kevin Conwell 🐻