Nice Guys Finish First Give and Take" by Adam Grant "

"GIve and Take" by Adam Grant "
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To Give or Take, That is the Question

Today I’m going to give you a few ideas on a book called “Give and Take. Why helping others drives our success.” This book is by Adam Grant, who is a professor at a very prestigious business school.

And in this book, the author argues that success depends on how we approach our interactions with others. So how we approach others, how we deal with other people is very, very important.

The Main Points
  • There are three types of people; takers, givers, and matchers
  • Takers are always looking for their own benefit, what they can get from any situation
  • Matchers¬†want things to be even, looking to give but also to get back in equal amounts
  • Most people are matchers
  • Givers always consider the success of other people. They think about the group
  • Givers often succeed because they gain the trust and support of others
  • Powerless communication is when you focus on the other person’s needs and emotions
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