Write Perfect Emails in English, Right Now, with this Free Grammar Corrector

So here’s the situation.

Yesterday, you spent one hour writing an email to a possible client in the US.

The email was only one paragraph, but you wanted to make sure there were no mistakes so you took extra time editing it.

“Looks good to me!” you thought as you sent it.

The next morning during your English class, you asked your teacher to review your email. Feeling a little nervous, you showed him your computer screen to see if there were any mistakes.

The teacher looked at it for 10 seconds and said with a smile, “Well, I know you’re still learning but there are a lot of mistakes here. Hopefully the client understood your email”

SHIT! And you spent so much time on that email.

How could you not notice that you wrote “his” instead of “your”? And instead of saying “I will contact you next week about this issue you wrote, “I contact you”.

Such stupid mistakes! But they happen ALL the time.

I found a software (it’s free) that corrects your emails for you. And I’m not talking about Windows Spell Check. This actually corrects your grammar and even gives you suggestions on how to sound better.

Sound cool? Keep reading.

But first…

Stupider Mistakes

Notice any mistakes in the images below?


funny english mistakes





funny english mistakes

Their nuts!



funny english mistakes

Meat Heads



Good Writing and Grammar is Important, Unfortunately 🙁

Modern communication is largely based on writing – we interact through, emails, SMS messages, chat, social networks. Naturally, any mistake on our part in this context would cause us great stress and frustration, not to mention that fact that it can significantly influence the receiver’s opinion of us and our capabilities.

For this reason, “written eloquence” is a skill that one always needs to work on, but luckily, for some time now there have been available tools to help us in this process – to check our spelling and grammar, to give us definitions, synonyms, phrases, to provide us with translations and similar.

Ginger Software as a Language Assistance Tool

One software has succeeded in capturing all the help needed when writing in one place and it is called Ginger. More so, it has brought to the market a new way of correcting written English.

It is designed for both native users and users of English as a second language, but its potential as a “learning assistant” for those wishing to become fluent in English is immense.

By using patented statistical algorithms, it observes the context and provides corrections accordingly, unlike other software that usually focuses on one word. This way it ensures the use of “natural” language, which is the hardest part when learning a new language.

We can learn hundreds of words and grammar rules, combine our knowledge and still make a sentence that just does not feel right to a native. They may not even be able to explain why something just cannot be said one way, because it follows all the rules, but it simply doesn’t.

This is, of course, the highest level of language proficiency – feeling the language, knowing that something sounds better without being able to explain why. But, until we get to this stage, Ginger may just be our perfect virtual assistant.

Working and Learning With Ginger

So let’s imagine we need to write a long email to the potential employer, someone we simply want to impress. How we can rely on Ginger in this situation is, for example, like this; first, write the intended content in Ginger, in the best English we know at the moment. Check the spelling and correct any grammar mistakes. Now our text is fine.

But can it be better?

If there are some words in our native language that we need, but just cannot remember at the moment, just type it in the translation tab in Ginger.

Then, there may be some words that we have learned, but now we may not be 100% confident about their meaning, it is after all an important email and why leave anything to chance. Right click on the word and choose “define”.

Or maybe we see that we have used one and the same word more than once and it makes the whole text seem a bit dull. Right click and find its synonyms.

But the best part may be the option of finding out many different ways of recreating the whole phrase.

The button “rephrase” can transform the whole sentences for us. And even if you decide to stick with your original version, just by checking out these other options, you are going to learn so much more about the language and simply enrich your vocabulary and understanding.

It is generally typical of language learners to know only one way to express a certain thought, which is logical since we just want to know as many different words and phrases as possible, not waste time on nuances. But the nuances at the end are what distinguishes proficient from semi-proficient speakers, and Ginger can help us with this effortlessly. And as a possible last step, you have a text reader that you can press when you are done and listen to what you have written, practicing your oral proficiency along the way.

Training Your Skills with Ginger

Aside from correcting and improving your written text, you can use this software for active learning.

For starters, it has a section of phrases of the day, with a huge selection of expressions that you can take one at a time and eventually start using them like a true native speaker.

It also has a personal dictionary, where you can place words you want to remember and practice. And if you really want to take your learning process to a whole new level, go to Ginger Personal Trainer.

Every time you use Ginger for spelling and grammar checks, it keeps record of your mistakes, analyzes and categorizes them, so that it can provide you with customized exercises.

When confronted with your errors and correct solutions again, and most importantly, with an explanation of the correct option, it is highly unlikely you will make the same mistake again. And at the end of each session with your virtual trainer, you get a progress report, so that you can observe how your knowledge improves as you use Ginger more and more.

Different Options and Ways of Using Ginger

There are so many different forms this software comes in, that you can feel secure to always have it by your side – on the computer (desktop, Mac), online (through browser extension), on your phone (iOS, android). It just needs the device to be online for the software to work.

The spelling and grammar checker software are free, while other services require upgrade either basic or premium, with special offers for students.

Grammar checker has a weekly limit, but it still shows you mistakes after you reach the limit, just does not provide the automatic corrections (you need to enter it manually).

In any case, feel free to rely on this software in your learning process, because knowing your written English is entirely correct will make you more confident in your knowledge and boost your learning enthusiasm that will only push you forward.


Here’s a short explanation on how to use Ginger


Try it out for free! As with any effective software, it takes a little time to get accustomed to using it. But it will be worth your time!

Any questions or comments, leave them below!

And did you find the mistakes from the images above? Let me know in the comment section what they are.