Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done - Eat that Frog

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Do you feel overwhelmed, swamped, and just too busy? Are you looking for ways to stop procrastinating? Sometimes we have so many things to do, we think we will never be able to finish everything. We also can spend days, weeks and even months “thinking” about doing important tasks, but constantly feeling anxious because we never actually do them.

This episode is on a book that I NEEDED TO READ. With so many things to do with the new podcast, website, etc.., I need to learn how to tackle the most important tasks first thing in the morning, and get “addicted” to the feeling you get after completing your most valuable, important task (the frog).

The book Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy is great! It has helped me get focused on the right things, and I am sure it can help you decide which tasks need to be done first, to bring the most success and happiness into your life. Learn how to stop procrastinating and only focus on the most important things, to get more done.

The Vocab/Expressions

to put off – to procrastinate / postpone / not do something right now and save it for later

to be/feel swamped – overwhelmed, stressed because you have too many tasks to do

stressed out = to be stressed     to stress out – something or someone that makes you stressed

slimy – like a frog, slippery and wet / sticky

The Joke

Why are frogs so happy? Because they eat whatever bugs them!


to bug = to bother/ annoy 

a bug = an insect 

If you ate whatever bothered you, you’d be happy. Frogs eat bugs! 🙂


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