In January, with a pen, paper, and a lot of motivation, I plan out my whole year and what I want to see happen.

Well, you know what, my year hasn’t ever really fallen nicely in line with my goals. Can you believe that? Things change. Goals change. Life happens. Opportunities you weren’t expecting come into your life, and often opportunities you were expecting don’t come. It can be frustrating.

But there’s gotta be a better way! And I think I found one. A better way.

I looked for a better approach. One that doesn’t make me feel disappointed in myself when I remember that I haven’t reached my original, yearly goals, because I often don’t reach the original goals I set for myself. I’m realizing more and more how hard it is, especially in business, to plan far in the future when not knowing what will come your way.

Today I am going to talk about goals. But not an inspirational lesson on how to reach every goal you set, but why you shouldn’t live a life focused on goals. It’s unhealthy. And possibly even less productive than another approach.

What’s that other approach? I’m not going to tell you. Well, not yet. Keep listening! Oooh, that’s smart of me, ay?