Write Excellent Emails in English, Today, with This Free Tool

Do you write emails for work? Need to make reports? Maybe a CV (British) / résumé (American)? Or maybe just enjoy chatting with single ladies around the world?

Then this is going to help you, and it can be applied in just a couple minutes.

I am going to show you how to write excellent emails in English (and reports, CVs etc.), and you don’t need to waste your time on boring and meaningless grammar lessons. 

Browser Extensions – Making Your Life Easier

I like browser extensions. See?


Ginger extension


In case you aren’t tech savvy, browser extensions are those cool looking icons next to the address bar, or Google search bar in Chrome. Yay Google!

Browser extensions are little tools that make doing day-to-day tasks easier. As you can see, I have one for Gmail, which opens up my mail and shows me how many new emails I have, Evernote, which is excellent for collecting everything in one place, Pocket, for saving web pages, among others.

You will also see a little G icon on the extension menu that looks like this…


GInger Software Extension


And this little G is going to make your life a little better (or at least your English writing abilities).

If you want to write well, grammar is pretty important. Especially if you communicate in the business world. You don’t want to look like a fool in front of your boss. Or maybe cause some miscommunication between a client? Not good.

But learning grammar sucks!

Recently I wrote about a software called Ginger. This tool was originally made to help people learn English, but has also become a tool for editing and spoofing up documents.

I use it all the time to quickly correct my totally sporadic writing. I have become incredibly lazy with typing. Why? Because my computer helps me be lazy and still spll wrds corectly. 🙂

Now my problem is just that I don’t take the time to fully type out the words and I let Spell Check (and now Ginger) do it for me.

Ginger software doesn’t have a version for Mac, so I had to find another way to use it.

And I did! 🙂


How Ginger Works

So I’m not going to explain much about Ginger again, as I already wrote a detailed post about Ginger Software. If you haven’t read that, you can right here.

But what I am going to show you today is the extension they have included with their product. Ginger is a free tool with premium upgrades (isn’t everything?) and the extension works the same.

Step 1 – Installing it

You are going to add it to your Chrome or Safari browser. They don’t have an extension for Firefox, and if you are thinking about one for Internet Explorer then I have a different yet very important tip for you. Go here to learn more about my Internet Explorer tip.


If you have either Chrome or Safari, you will go to this page to download it.

You will be asked to ADD it, which you will do.


English typing tool


It’s super easy and fast. Then you should see it in the bar next to the address bar (where the website URL is.)

Step 2 – Using it

Now, all you have to do is open the extension right from your web page and type in what you are going to write. Just click on the G. Ginger automatically corrects your spelling, and even suggests other ways to say the same thing.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks:


My sentence:  Hey, wow! You can see what it looks like when I write a blog post. Cool, isn’t it?

Learn English Ginger Software


As you will notice, there are some numbers on the right side of the screen (I put those there.)

#1 – These blue words are the ones that Ginger thinks are wrong, and you can scroll over the words to see the suggestions they give you.

english tips

Click on the suggestion to change the original mistake.

#2 – This is where you can “approve all” which instantly corrects all errors suggested by Ginger.

#3 – Now this one is a little tricky.

Ginger will help you rephrase your sentences, making them sound “better”.

Depending on what you write, the recommendations can be a little strange. You do have to know the language pretty well with this option, and can’t just choose any of them.

Here are the “rephrases” Ginger gave me for my original sentence.

  • Hey, wow! You can find out what it looks like when I write a blog post. Cool, isn’t it?
  • Hey, wow! You can picture what it looks like when I write a blog post. Cool, isn’t it?
  • Hey, wow! You can understand what it looks like when I write a blog post. Cool, isn’t it?
  • Hey, wow! You can discover what it looks like when I write a blog post. Cool, isn’t it?

I’d say only one of those would replace see and keep the same meaning.

Which one do you think it would be? Give me your answer in the comment section below. 


So what can you do to check which rephrase options work? 

Well, you can translate the phrases and see which one would work in your own language. The translator is pretty damn good.

See an example…

Ginger translate


You can put the different rephrased sentences in and see which one works for you. That’s pretty badass, ay?

How accurate is it in general?

We are using Ginger to write emails and other docs for professional reasons, correct? So how accurate is it? Can we trust it enough to send emails based on its corrections?

My answer to this is yes, you can. As long as you aren’t a total beginner and keep things simple you should be just fine.

I train my coaching clients the following:

  • Keep things simple. You won’t be able to say EXACTLY what you want to in English the same way you would in your native language.
  • Through a process of Reverse Translation, you can learn how to simplify the way you speak English. By taking what you know in English, putting it into your own language, then putting it back into English you can come up with very accurate and precise sentences.
  • I also teach them how to validate their sentences through websites like www.lang-8.com and Google.

These techniques would help Ginger work even better, but you don’t have to go through this process.


From my experience, Ginger is very good with correcting basic mistakes, like missing the S on verbs ex. he like vs. he likes, misspellings, incorrect articles etc.

It can also give you suggestions for single words with it’s thesaurus feature. See menu…


Ginger Software


So what to do now

Using the Ginger Software extension can really help you create nice looking, grammatically correct English sentences.

It is a life saver for shorter emails, chats, and anytime you have to communicate through writing in English without having much time to prepare. 

For longer reports and official documents you can use editors on sites like fiverr.com to correct your  mistakes. Many of the services on there can give you back your work in less than 24 hours.

But for day-to-day purposes, Ginger is THE SHIT! (The shit = a good thing)

So now you know how to write excellent emails in English.

Try it out and let me know how it goes! And if you have any questions you can write me an email or let me know in the comment section below.

By the way, I edited this post with Ginger. Find any mistakes? :/

Peace out,



Tech savvy – good with technology

Spoofing up – making something prettier

Come up with – create 

Life saver – makes your life easier

Tricky – difficult / complicated