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How to Clean Out Your Life with “Essentialism”

Essentialism is the practice of focusing only on the most necessary aspects.

In today’s world, it can be very difficult to know what to focus on, and even more so, how to stay focused without getting distracted.

I have found that if I get rid of unnecessary things and activities, I do better quality work, and feel less stress.

The book “Essentialism” gives you practical methods on how you can declutter your life and work, leading to more success and fulfillment.

The Main Points

-Giving yourself space to think is a great way to remind yourself of the big picture

-Some our most famous minds, such as Einstein and Newton, developed their groundbreaking theories while in solitude

-Developing the ability to say NO to things when we know they aren’t in our best interest is vital if we want to be available for future opportunities

-Learn how to say NO, even when you think it could destroy a relationship

-Journaling about only the most essential can help you keep track of the big picture

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The Vocab from this episode

to clean out – to remove dirt or unwanted things from the inside of something.

to hijack – To take control of (something) without permission or authorization and use it for one’s own purposes

the big picture – the overall view of a situation; taking a more objective view

feeling buzzed – slightly drunk

to be down – to suggest someone’s idea or plan

to sift out – to filter; remove unwanted aspects of something

to get over (something) – to stop thinking about something negative that happened. to overcome



The Joke

“Your house is so dirty I saw rats on dirt bikes.”

There is so much dirt in the house that a rat (who lives in dirty houses) can even ride a dirtbike on the dirt.