When is the best time to listen to English podcasts?

When Should You Listen to English Podcasts?

Have you ever wondered when you should be listening to English podcasts? What time of day is the most effective? In your car? At your desk?

If you want to learn something new, the best way to do it is by connecting two different activities into one, such as learning a new language and exercising.

However, start small, do things slowly until a habit is formed, and you will eventually benefit by “killing to birds with one stone”

Learn more in this episode about how to use English podcasts.

The Main Points

  •  In learning new things, repetition is key.
  • Connecting two different activities into one can help you build a new
    good habit.
  • Create a new habit in your life or create a new routine,
    and tie these audio lessons into that routine.
The Vocab & Expressions
  • End Up: The intention of doing something but not doing it
  • To tie into: to connect
  • To kill two birds with one stone: doing one thing to accomplish two tasks

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