Drew Badger from EnglishAnyone.com Shares Life-Changing Tips

Episode #53
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Drew Badger Knows His Stuff

Drew runs the site Englishanyone.com, a very popular course resource and Youtube Channel for English learners around the world.

Originally from Chicago, he now lives in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. He believes that English learners need to focus on speaking to become more fluent in English.

Drew Badger from Englishanyone.com shares lessons that have changed his life, business and language learning. He will also share ideas on how to advance your English skills with practical methods he learned through his own language learning.

Learn how to apply these lessons to your English learning in today’s episode.

The Main Points

  • The best way to become fluent is to SPEAK English more often.
  • Build your vocabulary incrementally, little by little. Add a new phrase each time you speak
  • Follow people that have succeeded at what you are trying to do. Learn lessons and follow their methods.
  • Fail your way forward by taking action. Learn by doing, instead of waiting until the “right time:”

The Vocab & Expressions

  • choppy – not flat, stable ex. A choppy internet connection
  • to get into – to become interested in something/someone: start a hobby or field of study/work
  • give a rundown – to summarize something
  • sought out (past tense of seek out) – to search for
  • tricky – difficult and challenging
  • to dive into – go directly into a topic without delay; get straight to the point
  • stumble – to fall down
  • stumble forward – fail your way through progress