The Secret to Higher Quality Work - Deep Work by Cal Newport

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Are you having a hard time focusing on work or in any aspect of your life? Or maybe
you need a little motivation on how to get through learning English or at work
with the least possible distractions?

In this episode of the Feel Good English podcast, I will be talking about
the book, “Deep Work” by Cal Newport, where the author stresses the importance of
doing distraction-free work and really diving into the work we are doing.

So whether you’re working on a heavy task at work or studying for your next
English exam, you’re going to need laser focus to get things done so you could
enjoy and relax during the weekends.

“Deep Work” by Cal Newport will help you stay focused to get things done.

The Main Points
  • Despite its popularity, the author points out that the Pomodoro technique is not ideal.
  • This leads to more wasted energy and distractions, leaving behind a residue
    on your attention span.
  • Instead of planning our time for focused work, we need to plan for our
    non-deep focused work time. For example: spend 5 minutes in browsing through your
  • While the concept of working in open work spaces has been more popular than ever,
    the author thinks that we need more private spaces where we can focus deeply on
    what we’re doing.
  • The major focus of this book is to train our brain through practice, and
    through practicing on how to focus on the main task.
  • Treat your attention with respect like how we would treat our bodies by
    eating healthy and exercising.
The Vocab & Expressions
  • Perks: a benefit
  • Attention span: how long you can keep your attention on something.
  • Get ahead: phrasal verb, to progress, to overcome something, to advance something.
  • Residue: something that remains after a product is used, leftovers.
  • Overwhelmed: being stressed out.
  • To give in: phrasal verb, to succumb or submit
  • Urge: a strong desire
  • Whip out: to pull something out quickly, like a gun or wallet
  • Handy: being convenient
The Joke

So a blonde gets a new cellphone from her husband.
The next day, she goes to the mall, and her phone rings, so she answers it. Her husband says on the other line.
“Hey wife! How’s the new cell phone?”
And the blonde says, “Oh! It’s great! But how did you know I was at the mall?”

Sorry if you’re blonde out there, but I’m a blonde too.

*In popular culture, people with blonde hair are often stereotyped to be attractive
yet dumb especially when it comes to women, who are portrayed in popular culture to only care about
their looks and have no clue about the world around them.

In this case, the blond was surprised her husband knew where she was because he was able to call her, not having any idea how mobile phones work.


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