What kind of content should I use for English learning?

We live in a time where we are surrounded with so much content on the internet,
and as an English learner, we may get bombarded by so much content that is coming
our way

In today’s Q&A Saturday, I will be answering a question from Brian who’s from
China. His question is…

Hello, sir! I am Chinese and I wanna know what kind of content should I use?
Should I be listening to them all the time? Thank you

This question makes a lot of sense to me and even though I’m not learning a
language right now, I can totally understand not knowing what content to read or
listen to, and with so many different options available, it won’t be long if you
find yourself lost in the sea of content.

The Main Points
  • Set your priorities, especially on the things you want to achieve first.
    If you want to improve your listening skills, listen to more podcasts, or if you
    want to improve your grammar, read more books. However, you cannot do two things
    at once so pick an activity that you’d like to achieve.
  • Go on a content diet, meaning you should only read or listen to a few selected things.
    Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails and or newsletters to clear your inbox of clutter,
    delete the ones you’ve already read or take down notes of  only the important parts.
    You could try this amazing tool called unroll.me which helps you clear your inbox
    once or twice a month.
  • Dedicate a specific amount of time to Facebook (or any social media account you may have) and only go there when
    you really need to.
  • Feel free to change what you’re using every 2-4 weeks
    (such as books, podcasts, videos etc). By changing such things, you’re allowing yourself to
    learn more things and get excited by learning from new content.
  • Buy something online or buy something that can help you.
    Sure, there is tons of FREE stuff available online, however, by buying something
    online, you’ll give this information more value compared to something you just downloaded.
    Buying something for yourself (whether online or physical) will put more energy or motivation into that product.
  • Use content that can help you bring out the best version of yourself

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