Conversation Classes

3 Options

OPTION 1 – Skype Classes with Kevin

If you have tried conversation classes with other teachers, and have either seen little results or just got bored, I think you’d really enjoy my style. But I’m also not for everyone.

We all have different ways of learning a foreign language, and different life-interests as well.  I have found that there are certain types of English learners that really enjoy my classes, mostly because we enjoy discussing the same topics, and also they like my style of teaching with the “right effort.”

You can have classes with me from 1 to 3 months. After the third month, I will refer you to other resources. I have a 3-month limit because I think it’s best for your continued progress.

Is This You?

  • You like personal development
  • You’re looking for fun speaking practice
  • You enjoy casual yet inspiring conversations
  • You have (or desire) an open mind

Areas we can work on:

  • Speaking with more confidence
  • Problematic grammar
  • Accent reduction hacks
  • Better comprehension
  • Writing for tests

What to do if you’re interested

1) Check my availability and schedule a 20-minute consultationIf none of these times coincide with your availability, please send me an email to see if there are any other openings. Schedule consultation here.

2) Wait for my email confirmation.

3) After confirmation, you will be asked to pay a $5 deposit for your consultation. If you decide to start classes, the deposit will be deducted from your payment for classes.

4) After you pay the deposit, receive a second email with instructions on what to do before our call.

IMPORTANTI  ask for a $5 deposit for the consultation so I can see that you actually want to pay for something online, and not just looking for free conversation practice with a professional teacher. 🙂

OPTION 2/3 – Other great online options


*1000’s of teachers

-flexible times

-find your perfect teacher

-free $10 after signing up


*shorter calls (5-30 mins)

-no scheduling necessary

-free 15 minutes to test it

*options 2/3 are not classes with Kevin