Don’t Let Others Control Your Life – “Emotional Blackmail” by Susan Forward

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How to Control Emotions

Susan Forward knows what pushes our hot buttons.

Just as John Gray illuminates the communications gap between the sexes in Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, and Harriet Lerner describes an intricate dynamic in The Dance of Anger, so Susan Forward presents the anatomy of a relationship damaged by manipulation, and gives readers an arsenal of tools to fight back.

In her clear, no-nonsense style, Forward provides powerful, practical strategies for blackmail targets, including checklists, practice scenarios and concrete communications techniques that will strengthen relationships and break the blackmail cycle for good.

The Vocab & Expressions

to threaten / a threat - to tell someone your intentions to harm them if you do or don't do something

turn a blind eye - to ignore

move in with someone - live in the same residence

keep in mind - to consider

to be willing - to accept responsibility for doing something, take action

adamant - refusing to be persuaded, not make compromises

give the cold shoulder - ignore someone

roll his eyes - to show disgust or disapproval by putting looking up with your eyes

nip in the bud - to take care of / resolve something quickly and permanently

be frank - to be open and honest

upbringing - how your parents raised you, brought you up




The Joke

I tried to talk this girl into it. I was like, 'Hey girl, let's make one of those sex tapes.' She’s like, 'That sounds good, Peter. We just got to get somebody else to play your part.'

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