Adir Ferreira Shares The Key to Learning any Skill - Interview

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An Interview with Adir Ferreira

Adir Ferreira is one of those guys who has really figured out HOW TO learn things. Not only is he a superstar English teacher, but he’s also a successful businessman, linguist, and even a professional singer!

Oh, and he’s an extremely nice guy.

In this episode, Adir is going to talk about a “breakthrough” book he’s read twice, which showed him what it takes to become an expert at something.

And he’ll also explain how you too can implement his ideas to become a great English speaker.


The Main Points
  • Most learners lack organization, not motivation
  • Talent is overrated, and even the most naturally talented professionals put in a lot of hard work to get to where they are
  • With the right plan, and focusing on that plan, anyone can become great at a skill, including English
  • Correct practice is deliberate, with a specific target in mind
The Vocab & Expressions

an ego trip – doing something to show your own importance, usually thought of in a negative way [:55]

honing my skillto hone is to sharpen, make more precise and effective [1:23]

how on earth – an expression to that shows shock, puzzlement, confusion [2:55

can’t seem to wrap their heads aroundwrap someone’s head around means to “understand”; usually we say “I can’t wrap my head around something” meaning you can’t understand [4:56]

a breakthrough book – a breakthrough signifies when something leads to big progress or transformation [5:13]

the curveball question – a reference to baseball, when someone does or says something unexpected [15:35]