8 Secrets of Success - Ted Talk Tuesdays

There are 8 Secrets to Success

This is one of my favorite Ted Talks because it is so practical. short and easy to watch, yet inspiring!

Richard has interviewed hundreds of “Tedsters” about what they think has brought them success. He has concluded that there are eight traits that were most common amongst them, and he shares the in this 3-minute, straight to the point talk.

Listen to this episode and learn how to connect all these 8 traits with your English learning so you can become the confident and competent speaker you strive to be.

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The Joke

What kind of music are balloons scared of? Pop music!

pop music = popular music

to pop = to burst open, break open with  loud sound

Balloons are scared of “pop music” because they do not want to be popped. 

Stupid, I know.